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What do beautiful women say about personal style: Helerin

Tell briefly about yourself.
My name is Helerin and Im a VIP Flight Attendant. I’m a travel nut and I’ve lived in 5 different countries. I also dance batchata and love working out.

Heels or sneakers?
Heels and sneakers!!

White or black?

Jeans or dress?

Gold or diamonds?

Thong or lace or nothing?

Are you queen or princess?
I think in my head im a Princess but in real life im more of a Queen as im very independent.

What triggers your wallet to buy a new cloth?
When I need something specific and I find it.

What type of cloth do you like?
Clothing that makes you pop out from the Rest.

What is the feeling you looking for when getting new clothes?
Confidence and sexiness.

What is your dream cloth to own?
Beautiful dresses — I dont have that many dresses as I find it hard to find the right ones.


December 11, 2019
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