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What do beautiful women say about personal style: Eeva

Tell briefly about yourself.
I’m creative, rebel with a cause, photographer, social media persona and a future motivational speaker.

Heels or sneakers?
40/60 for sneakers.

White or black?
White. Always loved white, it’s my favorite color to wear.

Jeans or dress?
Jeans. I used to be a store manager at a jeans company.

Gold or diamonds?
No gold. No diamonds.

Thong or lace or nothing?

Are you queen or princess?
Defo queen. A homie.

What triggers your wallet to buy a new cloth?
When I either need something badly or see something perfectly suited for my style for a longer period of time.

What type of cloth do you like?
Comfy, stylish in my way, and when a clothing has something quite unique you won’t see on everyone.

What is the feeling you looking for when getting new clothes?
Just the right vibe. And if I’m not sure if I should get something, I try to think about my life with and without it. If I can’t imagine my life without it then it’s a done deal.

What is your dream cloth to own?
Would love to own a unique piece of Christian Benner custom leather jackets.


December 29, 2019
What do beautiful women say about personal style: Helerin