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What do beautiful women say about personal style: Cecile

Tell briefly about yourself.
Determined, outgoing and enthusiastic. Loves travelling, learning and accomplishing new things. Loves dancing, watching movies, singing, hanging out with friends, drawing, yoga, going to the gym, beach, chilling at home and spa.

Heels or sneakers?
Heels for dinner and drinks. Sneakers for wandering around.

White or black?

Jeans or dress?
Sometimes dresses and sometimes jeans.

Gold or diamonds?
Both. Both. I will only wear quality items.

Thong or lace or nothing?
All. All. Depends on the clothes and occasion.

Are you queen or princess?
Queen. I’ve been through hardships, responsibilities and took up leadership roles, enough not be a princess anymore.

What triggers your wallet to buy a new cloth?
Discounts, sale, seeing a fashion haul, clothes on movies or music videos.

What type of cloth do you like?
Sexy and elegant. Emphasise the curves.

What is the feeling you looking for when getting new clothes?
To feel amazed by the clothing design and fabric. To feel comfortable.

What is your dream cloth to own?
A type of cloth that shows my personality, comfortable and exclusive.


December 11, 2019
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